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We hope you had an excellent time at AbacusMAXIMUS 2018 — we know we certainly did. Please use the links below to view and download One Sheet descriptions and Presentation Slide PDFs for any sessions you are interested in, or when submitting followup for CPE / CLE credits. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you again. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Tuesday July 10, 2018

8:00-8:10Welcome to AbacusMAXIMUS 2018
8:10-9:10Keynote by Michael Smerconish — Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right: American Life in Columns
9:15-10:15Keynote by Jeff Lanza — How to Protect Your Business Against the Latest Threats
10:15-10:45Break in Exhibition Hall
 Track 1Track 2Track 3AbacusLawAmicusHotDocsOfficeToolsDemos
10:45-11:45Leveraging Technology to Increase Engagements: How to Make the Competition Irrelevant
- Kacee Johnson
Amazon, Ecommerce, QuickBooks — The Changing World of Sales Tax
presented by Avalara
How to Generate Qualified Leads in 15 Minutes a Day
presented by Panalitix
Create the Perfect New Case Workflow Amicus Tailor-Made to Your Firm's Needs What's Great About HotDocs Author OfficeTools Tips and Tricks Proven Pricing Strategies for your Accounting Firm
presented by Receipt Bank
11:45-1:00Lunch in Exhibition Hall
1:00-2:00Stop Flirting with Disaster and Commit to a Secure Recovery Plan
- Tomas Suros
The 7 Minute Conversation Every Business Needs to Have Every Month
presented by Finagraph
Tax Credits and Incentives
presented by Brayn Consulting
Never Miss a Deadline with Abacus Rules Take Advantage of Matter-based Document Management Get Started in HotDocs Author - Session 1 Project Tracking and Workflow - Setup and Configuration Examining the Practice Management Lifecycle
2:10-3:10Security — A Practical Guide
- Randy Johnston
Mergers & Acquisitions - The road to becoming the 2nd fastest growing firm in America
- Jeffery Taraboulos
CRM: #1 Tool to Align Engagements and Crush Revenue Goals
- Sam Saab
Get Started with APX and Billing Streamline Your File Intake Procedure Get Started in HotDocs Author - Session 2 Project Tracking and Workflow - Usage and Functionality -
3:20-4:20Offshore or Die!
- Mark Cottle
What Digital Transformation Means to Your Firm
presented by Microsoft
Threat Landscape and Synchronized Security
presented by Sophos
Handling Hourly and Flat Fee Billing Billing, from Setup to Advanced Functions HotDocs Expert Panel Discussion eSignatures and the Client Portal Finagraph Demonstration
4:20-4:50Break in Exhibition Hall
4:50-5:50Keynote by Dawn Brolin — Small Biz Powertools, From a Certified Fraud Examiner's Viewpoint

Wednesday July 11, 2018

8:10-9:10Keynote by Chris Heeter — Pulling Together: a dog musher's perspective on teamwork and creating a Wild work culture
9:15-10:15Keynote by Brent Johnson — Don't Boil the Ocean: Marketing Success One Drop at a Time
10:15-10:45Break in Exhibition Hall
 Track 1Track 2Track 3AbacusLawAmicusHotDocsOfficeTools
10:45-11:45Raising Your Value by Owning Your Brand
- Geni Whitehouse
Capturing and Managing Your Files Using the FileCenter
presented by Lucion Technologies
Creating an Innovation Strategy For Law and Accounting Firms
- Donny Shimamoto
Reporting Must-Haves Workflow Automation: Utilizing Linked Events and Precedents Power Up Your Document and Interview Design Time and Billing - Setup and Configuration
11:45-1:00Lunch in Exhibition Hall
1:00-2:00Leveraging the Power of Desktop as a Service
- TJ Schoessow
Workflow Automation
- Paul Fihrer
-Quick & Easy Time Tracking Save Time with Automated Document Assembly HotDocs Market Roundtable Time and Billing - Usage and Functionality
2:10-3:10Keynote by Elliott Lewis— Lawyers “Wreck Everything”: The Dichotomy of CyberSecurity Tools and the Legal Requirements That Define Their Use
3:15-4:15Keynote by Doug Sleeter — Digital Currency and the Blockchain — The Revolution is Already Happening
4:20-4:50The Future of AbacusNext: Product Development Roadmap

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